Thursday, 9 June 2011

Endings and Beginnings

With the last steeping of a fresh baozhong from Stéphane Erler today came what is, in short, an idea. Where exactly this blog will go in the future (or if it will go anywhere; I hope so) I can't say for sure, but I do have an inkling. This will be as much for me as for you, whoever you may be. This will be a place for me to accesibly organise my own tea journey, and hopefuly connect with others on theirs. Will I review teas, ware, and other such mundane material things? You bet. Will I time my steepings and precisely measure the thickness of my teapots? Absolutely not. I don't claim that my way is the right way or even a particularily good way, it's just what I'm doing and what I'm learning, and as such even the things that I post here as "reviews" will be more my own thoughts than any kind of arbitration on quality. To me, tea is a way to escape the confines of the idea that there is such a thing as a "right way" to do things, and to get closer to the idea that all of life is an exploration. It's an opportunity for me to de-stress and think in solitude or talk and laugh in good company. In some ways I view tea as a microcosm for life in general, and so I look at it as being as much of a philosophical experience as a gustatory one. If that seems far fetched, then I hope you'll stick around because in a some ways it does to me too, but it's an idea that intrigues me and one I intend on exploring with as many people as I can. This is a journey of good tea and good thought, so, dear reader, you down for some cha dao?

Spring 2011 Semi-Wild Baozhong from Teamasters (tasting notes to follow)


  1. Eugenius,

    Look forward to learning with you!

    Wonderful start to the blog.


  2. Hi Matt, thanks for the compliment and for the link!


  3. i've scanned all your articles, what i prefer to call yours in lieu of 'posts', and i must say i'm very impressed. you really take wonderful photographs!
    i look forward to visiting again, and i may 'follow' you sometime soon.
    keep up the great writing!
    alice ana =)

  4. Hi Alice, thanks for the kind words! I suppose that's as good a justification as any for shelling out for a DSLR.

    I hope you continue to enjoy my scribblings.